Broulee Runners August 19th 2020

This is week 23 of Broulee Runners being in lock down and motivated people are still able to test themselves doing individual time trials. The saddest aspect of the not being able to come together is that the young are not able to come and enjoy the event with their parents and friends. Some of these have gone on to achieve and others have simply come to enjoy the company and the location with the magnificent view and trees to climb and places to hide.

The organisers are looking at initiatives to be able to get back together in some form. If anyone has any bright ideas, we would be pleased to hear from you. There should remain the opportunity for people to do their run remotely if this is preferred.

Above: halcyon days when young children were able to attend

Here are the results posted this week:

2 Kilometres Victoria Fleming 20.15 Roz Hayward 20.18

3.5 Kilometres David McCann 29.32 Richard Fisher 37.44

5 Kilometres Mat Lambert 21.22 Bede Webster 21.44 Paige Connaughton 24.48 Deb Connaughton 27.07 Dave Connaughton 27.07 Ross Wilson 27.28 Michael Lambert 28.33 Lisa Robbins 31.15 Morgan Pettit 31.30 Tracy Denning 31.51 Jill Brown 33.35 Simon Wall 34.00 Nev Madden 34.02 Bruce Dickinson 35.46 Mike Kennedy 39.26 Robyn Kennedy 42.09 Bernie Lambert 43.52