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Broulee Runners August 11th 2021

The warm weather attracted families to this evening’s event and helped produce 8 personal best times. Nicole Minifie and her daughters Keira and Mia all had personal best times in the 2 kilometres. Not to be outdone the Mackay boys Benji, Marcus and Neil also registered PBs in the 2 kilometres. Julie Amphlett improved her time in the 3.5 kilometres as did Victoria Schuh in the 5 kilometres.

We welcomed Georgia Smyth to her first run with the group. We failed to mention John Sutton’s first run in last week’s report, so he came back this week decided to move up to the 3.5 kilometres. There is a suggestion that he may go even higher to the 5 kilometres next week. You Are Never Too Young To Be A Broulee Runner!

Above: Some of today's champions of tomorrow. The Mackay boys are Marcus, Benji and Alfie. And the girls from left to right are Ashlee, Lilly, Keira and Mia.

This week’s results are as follows:

2 Kilometres

Lilly McIntosh 7.53

Keira Atkin 7.57

Mia Atkin 9.40

Benji Mackay 9.57

Nicole Minifie 10.34

Marcus Mackay 11.41

Neil Mackay 11.43

David McCann 15.03

Annie Johnsen 15.09

Michelle McPherson 16.38

Mitchell Beby 18.16

Richard Fisher 18.25

Ashlee Beby 19.13

Michelle Beby 19.17

Alfie Mackay 26.55

Eva Mackay 26.58

3.5 Kilometres

John Sutton 24.17

John Lightfoot 24.34

Julie Amphlett 26.16

Marg Artuso 28.25

Bernie Lambert 33.30

Victoria Fleming 35.45

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 18.20

Andrew McPherson 23.04

Zoe Whymark 25.43

Paige Connaughton 26.21

James Reilly 26.39

Jason Domeny 27.31

Dave Connaughton 27.40

Taryn Carver 28.22

Daniel Greenway 28.52

Deb Connaughton 29.48

Gill Stapleton 31.28

Andrew Greenway 33.42

Simon Wall 35.34

Georgia Smyth 39.45

Victoria Schuh 39.53

Mike Kennedy 49.43