Broulee Runners April 7th 2021

A lovely evening greeted our runners this week for the first run at the new time slot of 4.30pm. We had 24 actual runners and 8 virtual runners. It was great to see some of our Canberra and Melbourne holiday makers join us for a returned visit or first time run. We welcomed back Josh Connaughton who has had his first run for the year after dislocating his shoulder in January, he did a very commendable time of 24 minutes and will be back improving this time over the coming weeks. The outstanding performance of the night was from Canberra visitor Thomas Menzies-Stegbauer who has ran with us before on previous visits, coming in at 20.17 just edging out local David Bain.

The Canberra Times Marathon Festival will be held this weekend with some of our regular Broulee Runners participating. Loren Chambers and Tori Hennig are both doing the Full Marathon, Matt, Bernie and Michael Lambert, Gill Stapleton, Christian Proksch, Lauren and Mark Evans are registered for a variety of the other distances and Charley and Leo Proksch are doing the kids dash, we wish them all a great weekend and look forward to hearing some of their results next week.

Above: father and daughter Rob and Fiona Ryan.

2 KM EVENT Max White 9.50 Richard Fisher 19.24 Victoria Fleming 20.03 Roz Hayward 20.04

3.5 KM EVENT Emma Corcoran 20.57 Gen Lightfoot 20.57 Judy Jensen 21.51 Lisa Robbins 22.51 David McCann 30.12

5 KM EVENT Thomas Menzies-Stegbauer 20.17 David Bain 20.23 Matthew Lambert 20.48 Barry King 22.39 Andrew McPherson 23.21 Josh Connaughton 24.00 David Connaughton 25.35 Kate Corcoran 26.21 Jason Domeny 26.26 Paige Connaughton 26.29 Deb Connaughton 26.45 Rosie McPartland 27.03 Zara Menzies-Stegbauer 27.15 Iona Kelly 27.33 Amanda Hopkinson 28.23 Gary Ashton 28.23 Carla Berry 29.13 Gill Stapleton 29.44 Eliza Milenkovic 29.59 Rob Ryan 32.11 Julieanne Domeny 33.12 Fiona Ryan 33.43 Simon Wall 34.33