Broulee Runners April 28th 2021

An excellent evening for running which produced quality times in the 5-kilometres. The first four runners under the 20-minute mark. Matt Johnsen and Daniel Beby coming with only one second separating them. Personal best times were recorded by Harper Lasscock, Pearl Eaton, Daniel Greenway, Erin Drewsen and Norm Lenehan.

We welcomed Astrid Barrington, Yvonne Kreet, Mel Eaton, Jakub and Sue Deher to their first run with the group.

Tonight, we farewelled Greg Castle, who returns home to Seattle in the USA. Greg has been with us for some months during COVID and has recorded 9 runs over the 5-kilometres distance. He has also registered several runs with the Batemans Bay Park run. He hopes to return over the Christmas holidays.

2 Kilometres

Mitchell Beby 8.21 Sophia Carver 9.08 Harper Lasscock 9.11 Alexis Carver 10.24 Rocco Lopresti 11.05 Astrid Barrington 11.49 Ashlee Beby 14.51 Michelle Beby 15.47 Yvonne Kreet 15.49 Michelle McPherson16.32 Adrian Eaton 17.25 Richard Fisher 20.21 Maureen Searson 20.51 Imogen Seidel 28.23

3.5 Kilometres

Mel Eaton 17.35 Pearl Eaton 17.55 Daniel Greenway 19.00 Taryn Carver 20.45 Paul Searson 23.11 Annie Johnsen 26.19 David McCann 29.40 Robyn Kennedy 31.20

5 Kilometres

Matt Johnsen 18.16 Daniel Beby 18.17 Josh Connaughton 19.42 David Bain 19.55 Matt Lambert 20.38 Scott Carver 21.18 Jakub Dreher 21.45 Andrew McPherson 23.24 Sue Dreher 25.22 Erin Drewsen 25.42 Luke Drewsen 25.43 Paige Connaughton 26.02 Jason Domeny 26.10 Harrison Gilligan 26.22 Michael Lambert 26.24 Gary Ashton 26.30 Greg Castle 26.58 Deb Connaughton 27.04 Dave Connaughton 27.06 Zoe Whymark 27.22 Norm Lenehan 27.22 Stephen Seidel 28.23 Brock Gilligan 29.53 Gill Stapleton 30.02 Andrew Greenway 30.11 Carla Berry 30.13 Orla Tangney 31.27 Steve Tangney 31.27 Julianne Domeny 33.35 John Lightfoot 36.23 Simon Wall 37.17 Mike Kennedy 43.40 Lisa Robbins 56.09

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