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Broulee Public School needs HELP

Kim Willis says "Need some help please!!! "Our little Broulee Public School is having it's Biennial (every two years) fete March 27th." Renamed Broulee Bounce Back - it's an event aimed to not only raise some funds, but to give our little community some fun in the process. WE NEED DONATIONS!! Be it in the form of cash (I have all the details for fund transfers and every $ helps), be it vouchers for dinners, massages, Love the Bay Vouchers, fuel vouchers (for generators needed on the day) or goods... even a beautiful candle can make someone's day. EVERY SINGLE BIT HELPS. A full letter of request will/can be provided but if you can think of a way you could assist our little school, that's been through so much (Children, families and teachers alike) we would be eternally grateful. Please PM Kim Willis for further details or inbox her if you can possibly help.

Love this video from Thur 30th Jan promoting the meeting at The Mossy. :)