Broulee Public Land for Sale

Councillor Anthony Mayne has been asked if Council is looking to sell off a heavily treed area of four blocks of land once managed by Landcare Australia in #broulee being the corner block of Broulee Rd and Clarke St.

Clr Mayne says "I hope not! Then again, I think Coopers Island Road also should not be sold off. Nor should community blocks at Pretty Point or South Durras.

"I might be in the minority here - but I generally disagree with selling off community assets, which the community owns!"

The Eurobodalla councillor added "With ongoing Broulee development, the proposed Oaks Ranch Mossy Point development, the Tomakin development and the large Rosedale development, how about we as a Council try to look after the small parcels of community land for the future."

The Meeting Notes Regarding Broulee Mossy Point Community Association and Council Staff Meeting On 27 April 2021 report: Council claimed that the land was always Operational Land but BMPCA recalled that it was changed to Community land some 15 years ago. This will need to be established.

Additional note: There appears to have been a Council decision on 27 November 2003 to change the land classification from Operational to Community Land. No revocation of this decision could be found. The Natural Heritage Trust sign on the land would also suggest that the land was Community Land as the NHT did not usually fund projects on Operational Land.

Above: Had the Council staff done their homework they would have tabled this diagram and the Community Land Plan of Management, Adopted 25 November, 2003 that said at Item 7.3.2 Prior to the adoption of this Plan of Management the following lots were classified as Operational Land The draft Plan of Management sought community comment on the following two options for the future use of this land: Option 1: Sell the land & expend funds on Community & Crown Land requirements in Broulee & Mossy Point Application be made to the Department of Lands to close the Council road adjacent to Part Lots 8 & 9 DP 758168 ***. *** Editors NOTE : these lot numbers and DP numbers are in error on this report. After closure of the road and vesting in Council all of the Council land at the corner of Broulee Road and Clarke Street, the land be listed for sale and the proceeds of the sale be expended on Community and Crown Land unfunded projects in the Broulee and Mossy Point areas Option 2: Reclassify the land as Community Land The land at the corner of Broulee Road and Clarke Street be re-classified as Community Land and remain as bushland. 99 written submissions were received in support of Option 2. In addition, a petition containing 394 signatures was submitted in support of Option 2. A further 2 submissions received that were not committed either way. The development of this Plan of Management has resulted in the reclassification of these two lots as Community Land. In addition, the Unformed Road is to be closed and added to this Plan of Management as Community Land once this process is finalised.

Above: Note that it identifies the CLASSIFICATION prior to the Adoption of the 2003 Plan While there is evidence that Council proposed to amend the Zoning of Lot 89 DP 1093710, 75 Clarke Street, Broulee via the ELEP 2012 Land Zoning Map, Height of Buildings Map and Lot Size Map for land at Broulee such an amendment does not change the Classification.

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