Broulee Mossy Point Community Association news

Some of you may have noticed some works being conducted on Broulee Road near the fire shed. This work is being done by Council and is continuing the Fire Mitigation work which was started in January during the bushfires The Community Associations acting president, Andrew Bain, was invited to meet with Council employees, Heidi Thomson (Natural Resource Supervisor) and Rhiannon Cooper (Fire Mitigation Officer) to discuss Council’s plans for the management of the semi-cleared land on the south side of Broulee Road and around the fire station. Andrew mentioned to Heidi that a number of members of BMPCA had expressed a desire that the area be maintained as an area of reduced fire risk with some improvements to its recreational value. The Council’s proposal for the area aligns well with the feedback we have received from various BMPCA members. · Most or all of the large trees will be retained, although there may be some pruning to ensure reasonable spacing between crowns. · A trittering machine will be used to clean up most of the undergrowth and leave it in a state that can be slashed. This will happen on Fridays only and will take some months to complete. This machine has done a little bit of work near the back of the fire shed which gives an idea of what the finished result will look like. · Larger logs that are on the ground will be left in place as they want to avoid the ground disturbance that removing them would cause. · At a later date after regeneration has occurred, there will probably be some plantings of additional species in selected areas. · There will be some weed control and other maintenance. We think this is a good proposal from Council and one that BMPCA should support. Andrew did raise with Heidi the future possibility of a gravel path winding through the trees running from McNee Street to George Bass Drive. I suggest that we should take this up with Council in the near future. Broulee Mossy Point Community Association