Boy run over Mossy Point: Andre's Recovery

Claire Mukhi is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of the Lardy family. Claire Mukhi writes "Tragically while celebrating joint family birthdays on the beautiful South Coast of NSW life changed in an instant for Anna, Jerome and their family when a driver lost control of a very large 4WD and crashed into their 7-year-old beautiful active boy who was innocently standing on the side of the road getting ready to cross.

"Andre was badly injured and airlifted to ICU at Prince of Wales Children's Hospital in Sydney. He is the eldest of four children and the family own and run their own business. With the father also injured in the accident he will not be able to work.

"Any support to help Andre with his recovery as well as extra costs associated due to the accident would be greatly appreciated. Whilst the family has not requested any financial support, some of their extended family felt it would assist in what is an awful time for this beautiful family." You can donate HERE

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