BORING ALERT : Some simple Covid facts for you that might save your ass

Fact: Covid is out there in OUR community. Fact: Positive cases detected in our holiday makers will be recorded against their OWN home postcode. When you have your test the sample is dispatched to a laboratory and the results including name and postcode are then passed on to NSW for daily reporting. The low numbers reported presently in the Eurobodalla reflect that there are low numbers reported with a Positive test with our residents who LIVE HERE.

BUT be warned that the daily figures don't tell the whole story. Don't let your guard down and think there are only two cases in the shire. That sneeze you passed in the supermarket, that cough at the cafe table next to you or the loud talker at the bar singing along with his/her mates might well have Covid and you have no idea. Ask old mate in the corner looking a bit under the weather where he has just come from and he will probably answer Newcastle - and he might even tell you he has already had three positive Rapid test results. Keep in mind the impact of Covid differs across the community and someone feeling under the weather might not present to medical staff. Self testing (and subsequent self imposed isolation - we used to call it staying in bed) goes unreported. Those with symptoms are advised to stay isolated for a minimum of 10 days after the first day they developed symptoms, plus another 3 days after the end of symptoms – when they are without fever and without respiratory symptoms. But will they? We know they don't. The bottom line is - if you want to keep as safe as possible then keep your distance, be extra cautious indoors and wear a mask. Basically don't trust anyone. Why? Because if they have Omicron they might not know it and be asymptomatic. The daily figures released by NSW Health are all well and good but are only indicative and need to be treated as such. A low figure of 2 (today Dec 22nd) does not mean we can let our guard down. If Omicron isn't out there in Eurobodalla already then rest assured it is coming. How you react to that fact might actually keep you safe until you can have your booster shot. It really is a case of embracing personal responsibility. Masks might not be mandatory but you should consider your risk. Even then you won't be able to drop your guard - the booster will only reduce the impact Omicron might have on your body.

Looking forward to celebrating Christmas with your loved ones?

Protect your holiday plans and stay one reindeer away from other shoppers.

You can get COVID-19 from breathing in infected droplets and small airborne particles. Your risk of getting COVID-19 is greater indoors than outdoors, especially when you’re close to others.

Avoid the crowds, wear a mask and try to shop during off-peak times. Click and collect is also a great option.

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