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CANCELLED: Bodalla Poets’ Breakfast Nov 21st from 8am

It’s was on again! But the weather forecast needs it to be CANCELLED for the minute. A new date will be published if, and when, announced

After a break last year, the Bodalla Poets’ Breakfast is taking place once more.

This very popular community event features local poets presenting their own work.

It is to be held at the Dairy Shed outdoor area on Sunday the 21st November. Breakfast can be purchased from 8 a.m. and the poetry begins at 9 a.m.

If you are a closet poet and have written a poem you’d like to share, you are most welcome.

It is preferable you book in with Paddy Naughton on 0450 742 933. so we can schedule you in.

If you enjoy listening to some wonderful poetry in a beautiful setting - just come along and be entertained.

Of course, all Health Orders will be observed.

Admission is a gold coin.

Sally Wickers, of Tuross presents her much enjoyed poetry. Sally has presented in all of the nine annual events.Originally from England, Sally has been a lover of poetry since a very young schoolgirl, when a teacher lit the spark which has stayed with her all her life. At aged about ten, she was introduced to poetry, and Shakespeare, and encouraged to write her own poetry. After attending a course run by the Fellowship of Australian Writers in Moruya, she began writing autobiographical work and poems. Sally enjoys presenting her work to a supportive and interested audience at the Bodalla Poets’ Breakfast and and the quality and variety of other presented poems always delights her.The annual Bodalla Poets’ Breakfast is held at at the Dairy Shed, Bodalla with a poet's breakfast cooked on the outdoor fireplace with the poetry starting at 9 a.m. There was a young maid from Bodalla

Who decided she needed a fella

though not a hard man

with hands rough as sand,

but a townie, with soft wheatish pallor

To find such a man

she mastered a plan

to scrub up and wear something yella

so her complexion might seem

to appear like fresh cream

and present at first glance as quite steller

Her costume now set

she crafted her net

with a Tinder page few could resist

Skirt hoiked aloft

with a Come-Hither look

it was a selfie she took

whilst quite pissed

Our townie swiped right

and he dreamt the delights

in bedding this girl from Bodalla

Though he would hold back his cards

and not play too hard

For as a townie, he still had his valour

They met at the pub

with a peck and a hug

without his glasses

she looked pretty good

They drank and they talked

for what seemed like an age

and the passion progressed as it should

She seemed quite well versed

for a girl from a town

renowned for its dairy and cheese

and she seemed pretty keen

for she started to preen

while giving his thigh a wee squeeze

He wanted a wife

for the rest of his life

someone petite and demure

up until now

they'd all been right cows

who'd dumped him like rancid manure

But this one felt good

not a hint of a farm

as he feared she might be a maid

with fingers to crush

his man-teat to mush

If ever he came to get laid

But it all turned to poo

when he looked at her shoes

which were Blunnies covered in dung

And our townie spun

right there on the spot

and alas the spell was undone.

.. editor