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Bodalla pedestrian refuge being investigated

In November 2016 the RMS agreed to reduce the speed limit adjacent to the Bodalla shopping precinct down to 50kph. Local businesses had long requested the speed drop from 60kph to 50kph sighting that it was dangerous for visitors to the town to cross from one side of the highway to the other based on sight distances and, in the case of the area near the post office, the considerable distance of crossing the equivalent of three lanes. The RMS advised in November 2016 that they would "now begin investigating the stretch of road to determine where a pedestrian haven might be installed and the design of the haven." There has been little movement on the pedestrian crossing with several sessions of on site meetings and correspondences back and forth between Bodalla business owners and Council. Council advise that while they support the crossing the highway is under the control of the RMS. Meanwhile discussions continue around a safe pedestrian option in Mogo while the RMS is understood to be considering options in Bodalla. Image below from Google Street view. The recommended area for the Bodalla crossing is in the vicinity of the Dairy Shed and Bodalla Pub