Bega Council: New streamlined tree removal permit

Residents looking to clear trees from their property now have an easier way of navigating NSW biodiversity legislation.

Councillors unanimously agreed recently to implement an updated tree clearing permit system as an amendment to the Bega Valley Development Control Plan.

Director of Community, Environment and Planning, Alice Howe said the new permit system reflects NSW land management and biodiversity conservation reforms.

“The aim of our amendment is to align our assessment process for non-rural land with NSW Government reforms,” she said.

“Amendments to the Development Control Plan clarify what clearing can be undertaken as exempt activity, what clearing requires a permit from Council, and what clearing requires approval from the NSW Government.

“Landowners seeking a permit from Council, need only book in for a free assessment.

“The outcome of the assessment will confirm that the proposed clearing is consistent with the requirements for a permit, eliminating any confusion and the risk of receiving a fine.

“Assessments are now guided by specific land use zones, the size of land, the proposed size of clearing, and the potential of harm to ecological communities.

“Our qualified assessors will take all of these factors into account and provide you with the course of action you need to follow.

“If you are unsure of whether you will need a permit to remove vegetation from your property, get in touch with Council,” Dr Howe said.

For more information on the amended Bega Valley Development Control Plan, visit Council’s website, or call 6499 2222 to book your free assessment.

Above: Be sure to check with Council before removing trees from your property.