Editorial: Be sure to GO before you go, when you visit Batemans Bay CBD

Council intends to sell off two of its three public toilets in Batemans Bay CBD that might leave locals and visitors caught short. Batemans Bay Community Centre toilet is already closed and the Information Centre toilet will follow in February 2021, once the facilities are private control or ownership. This will leave the only remaining Public Toilet option for visitors and locals as the foreshore toilet on Clyde Street.

The sign above at the Batemans Bay Community Centre now directs the public to the next closest Public Toilet being the Visitor Information Centre. In readiness for the inevitable backlash from the community who expect, at least, that a council delivers public toilets, the councillors have been workshopping their response that the Batemans Bay CBD offers access to toilets at Woolworths, The Bayview Hotel, KFC, The Village Centre, Mariners Hotel, MacDonalds and the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club suggesting that in fact there are eleven toilets that locals and visitors can use including Albert Ryan Park along Beach Road . Of interest the Clyde Foreshore toilets will also come before Council next week, as part of the Batemans Bay Foreshore Improvement report, with a recommendation to consider the option of relocating the toilets to open up the space currently occupied by the toilet block. No location has been suggested. Council has, for many years, moved to rationalise the number of toilets it has to reduce maintenance costs. With the suggestion of one councillor that the public are well catered for with privately owned toilets and that this workshopped response is most likely forthcoming next week when the issue is raised it appears that Council might be looking a little wider on its Private/Public partnerships. So a heads up for 2021 - Go before you go if you are going to the bay