BBay Community Centre: Good money funding poor decisions of the council, is wrong

The Beagle Editor,

It’s clear there’s many in the shire who are extremely concerned about the future of the community owned, Batemans Bay Community Centre. That was evidenced by those who attended the meeting last Friday, October 2, 2020  at the Batemans Bay Community Centre to make it known to our elected Councillors, they are not comfortable with what has occurred to date, that’s very clearly going to impact on many, if the Community Centre is leased or sold. The Batemans Community Centre and its establishment where it is at present has a long history. All the present councillors, the people's elected representatives or voices in Council, need to familiarise themselves with the history and the centres value as it is, to the shires residents and local community.  Consolidation of publicly owned assets in Batemans in an attempt to off set financial losses with the New Aquatic Centre etc. in Batemans Bay is no solution. Good money funding poor decisions of the council, is wrong.

All it will do is worsen public relationships with the shires residents and the council. Alan Brown Catalina

Above: The Batemans Bay Community Centre Action Group is mounting a widespread public awareness campaign of Council's intention to lease and then sell the Community Centre citing that to retain it would place a financial impost on the new Mackay Park centre by cutting income from the hire of its own community meeting rooms.