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BBay Bridge: Update on Council Submission to RMS and John Holland

Council advise in their latest submission (July 2019) that the draft foreshore plans have incorporated the vast majority of Council’s requests and that they acknowledge the commitment of Transport for NSW and John Holland to continue to work with Council on the technical and specific design elements of the infrastructure proposed to become assets of Council. In their submission Council offer the following:

Pathway Connections Consistent with our previous submissions, we advocate strongly that these additional measures be incorporated: i) extension of the shared pathway on the Princes Highway from Batemans Bay primary school to north of Lincoln Downs connecting to the Princes Highway and Kings Highway roundabout. This is essential from a road safety and connectivity perspective. This work should be funded immediately to allow construction as part of the current works. ii) provision of a footpath along the face of all on-street parking in Clyde Street to ensure improved accessibility and reduced ongoing maintenance. This has been discussed previously and verbally agreed. iii) extension of the shared pathway from Clyde Street west to Mackay Park. This shared pathway should be incorporated now to retain connectivity along the western side of the highway back to the Mackay Park precinct. Boating Facilities We request that the final detailed designs be discussed with users and Council to ensure user needs are met. i) Clyde Street west The turning area should be checked to ensure manoeuvrability. The ramp and all features should be restored to Council’s satisfaction following the works. ii) Old Punt ramp We note the agreement to:  widen the ramp to improve manoeuvrability given the new arrangement  investigate further the impacts on the northern bridge pier on sand build up and take appropriate measures to protect the ramp from erosion and mitigate sand build up iii) Proposed T-wharf upgrade We request that the new and existing structures include features that recognise that the first visit to Batemans Bay, and indeed Eurobodalla, may well be from the water. Therefore, the design should include appropriate welcoming features including signage as people exit from the T-wharf to the foreshore. We encourage the use of both English and the local Aboriginal language in this signage (as Council is doing elsewhere). We are available to assist with advice on the design of this important feature. We urge Transport for NSW to fast-track the delivery of the eastern pontoon structure to support the emerging cruise ship market. Bus facilities, loading zones, taxi rank – Clyde Street The removal of the direct access from the Princes Highway to Clyde Street significantly impacts the current parking provisions for local, intrastate and interstate buses; loading/unloading arrangements; and taxi movements. We request further detailed discussions with Transport for NSW on the funding of alternate provision for these key transport facilities. Wayfinding solutions A detailed wayfinding solution will be needed to direct people to the foreshore areas and adjoining commercial activities on both sides of the river. We request further detailed discussions with Transport for NSW on the various solutions to deliver an appropriate outcome consistent with Council’s own strategies. These solutions should give consideration to emerging smart cities technology and options to pre-inform drivers of destinations and parking availability. We also note the additional traffic directed into North Street and Beach Road off the Princes Highway as a result of the closure of the Princes Highway and Clyde Street intersection to traffic movements. We request further detailed discussions with Transport for NSW on: i) the funding and implementation of the wayfinding solutions ii) the provision of incentives to provide a new entry and exit from the Village Centre underground car park direct to the Princes Highway, with appropriate electronic signposting to better inform drivers of the access and available parking. These inclusions are need to ensure drivers are informed of the options available, and so vehicle movement is more evenly distributed. This also has significant potential to remove the added congestion in Beach Road, North Street and Perry Street that will result from the consequential changes associated with the new Batemans Bay bridge. You can read the full submission HERE


NOTE: Comments were TRIALED - in the end it failed as humans will be humans and it turned into a pile of merde; only contributed to by just a handful who did little to add to the conversation of the issue at hand. Anyone who would like to contribute an opinion are encouraged to send in a Letter to the Editor where it might be considered for publication

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