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BBay boatramp report

Eurobodalla Fishing & Boating Network advise:

Conducted two surveys at the local boatramps at Batemans Bay. More than 50% of vessels are towed by out of state vehicles. Punt Road boat ramp before and after Christmas was full and people had to prepare vessels in the road. The majority of vessels were jet ski. All disappointed no washdown facilities. Clyde street boat ramp 80% full of vessels destined to fish up the river. Disappointed they could not wash their engines out after travelling in river - concerned that they may contaminate other estuaries. Hanging Rock was coping rather well with the increased volume and extra floating pontoons. Parking working well except a number of cars without trailers taking up valuable space. All vessels using washdown ignored water restrictions stating "why water restrictions when the dams are full?" Sign is too small at location. When surveyed all boat owners had never used the local toilet (they have onboard facilities) Not a single person had ever used an onsite BBQ or pick-nick facility at any NSW boat ramp. All respondents want more floating pontoons if no beach adjacent and clear road marking showing preparation areas and washdown facilities.

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