Batemans Bay SLSC wins 2019-20 Rescue of the Year for Far South Coast

Surf Life Saving Far South Coast have announced that the winner of the 2019-20 Rescue of the Year for Far South Coast Branch is the Batemans Bay SLSC Bushfire Response saying:

"As members of the public started flooding to the clubhouse the Batemans Bay call-out team quickly jumped into action arranging food, water, and managing traffic and parking. "As conditions deteriorated they provided medical support and evacuated people from the clubhouse to the beach as buildings nearby caught fire. The club used their ATV to collect people, mostly elderly, in the streets who couldn’t make it to the club. "As one person having severe respiratory problems was evacuated to medical help in a police car, a club member accompanied him all the way to the hospital while providing oxygen therapy. "Members were also assigned to the roof of the clubhouse to manage ember attack and watch for spot fires. "Over 1,270 evacuees registered at the club that day and the Batemans Bay team continued to support their community for the following ten days as a Community Hub. "While five other clubs provided emergency response for the fires on 31st December and the response is not your typical “rescue”, it’s widely acknowledged by those present that the actions of the Batemans Bay members saved many lives that day."

Photo by Jesse Rowan from the article "Bushfire Royal Commission hears the personal story and reflections of Jesse Rowan".