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Batemans Bay Sailing Club Oct 19th 2019

It was a great day for sailing when Batemans Bay Sailing Club held the second Bay Cup race of the sailing season on October 19th. 9 yachts headed out on what was a fine afternoon. These included newcomer Geoff Scott who was single handing his yacht "Rainbow Runner". James Gardiner signed up BBSC life member Andrew Bain to do a guest spot on "Xanthia". There was a 10 knot SE breeze blowing which veered SSE and built to 15 knots over the afternoon. Race officer Dave Magill and his trusty crew of Terry Paton and Roger Rowe set an even start line.

"Attitude" (Simon Byrne) got the best start in the middle of the line with "Accolade" (Lachlan Brown) at the pin and "North Star" (John Drummond) grabbing the boat end. The course was a work up to the Toll Gate mark, a tight reach to Wimbie Beach then a broad reach back to a laid mark off Square Head. The second lap was another work to the Toll Gates then a run back to the laid mark and a short reach to a finish line inside Snapper Island. 

The wind veered 15 degrees over the first work which had "Attitude" and "Moonmist" looking good on the inside of this starboard tack lift. "Accolade" was out on the left side of the course but got out of gaol with a late header which allowed her to tack on the port layline and cross "Attitude" with a boat length to spare. "Valhalla" (Dion Perrins) headed right early which gained her an early advantage in a close race with "The Shed" (Ron Spelman). Just behind was "Avior" (Peter Paterson) which had 2 crew on board. Single hander Geoff Scott wisely held back to avoid any argy bargy at the start. 

There was plenty of cetacean action with not only a full complement of dolphins but also a humpback mother and calf coming right across the middle of the bay.  

"Accolade" led "Attitude" around the rest of the course in what were ideal conditions for the Adams 10.6 yachts. "Moonmist" stayed close enough to take the win on PHS from "Avior" and "North Star". Full results are up on the BBSC website . The next BBSC keelboat event is a coastal race on November 2nd

Photos by Terry Paton