Batemans Bay Bushwalkers: Durras Lake

Though strong winds howled for most of the previous night a clear blue sky and light breeze enticed 18 Batemans Bay bushwalkers out for a 7 kilometre walk around the Durras Lake region. Departing from  Cookies Beach the group hiked through bushland, occasionally skirting behind houses and then onward to the shores of South Durras where council have constructed a new boat ramp, toilet block and other tourist amenities. The highlight for walkers was to discover that the South Durras Community Association had been busy landscaping the area by planting over 300 small shrubs, that once established will add greatly to the beauty of an already very lovely place.

          The walkers made their way to the lake entrance noting that the lake is currently closed to the sea. Durras Lake, like many others on the south coast of NSW, is known as “ICOLL”   lake ie;  Intermittently Closed & Open Lakes & Lagoons.  Most of these lakes occur south of Sydney where catchments are smaller & wave activity is generally higher thus pushing sand into the estuary mouth. This is a naturally occurring but irregular cycle affected by tides & weather events. It is estimated that 70% of ICOLL’s are closed most of the time.

                Signs in the area reminded walkers & other beach goers that the dunes are a refuge for the endangered Hooded Plover & Pied Oyster Catcher. On the beach, walkers felt the full force of strong winds & were grateful to retreat back onto the new pathway & a sheltered homeward journey. For more information go to

Below Left: L-R Val Harris, Mike Reynolds, visitor Nicole and Lesley Strange on a 7 kilometre coastal walk in the Durras lake area.

Photos by Carol & Ainslie/Mike

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