Batemans Bay Bushwalkers - Billy's Hut Long Walk

Last Saturday, Batemans Bay Bushwalker, Mark Nash, led five club walkers on a 10km hike to Billy’s Hut the long way. They set off in good weather conditions which was quite a change from the previous day where temperatures had reached 35 and the day was topped off with rain showers at night. Mother Nature had a few surprises for them as the winds progressively increased with some very strong gusts dramatically bending the trees before abating. Fortunately, the temperature stayed in the low 20’s which made the hiking very pleasant. Down in the gullies next to the pools of water it was a different world with calm conditions. The walkers stopped at Nelligen on the way home for a spot of lunch in the park beside the Clyde River.  For more information go to

Above: Bushwalkers happy to have made it to Billy’s Hut - Amanda Marsh, Mark Nash, Rob Lees, Karen Gilmour, Ed Gilmour

Above: Down into the gully