Batemans Bay Bridge: Behind the scenes

Andrew Constance MP has provided the community with a look behind the scenes at the making of our new Batemans Bay Bridge.

The precast concrete bridge segments that will form the backbone of the bridge are currently being made at a purpose-built facility south of Mogo.

A few facts about the bridge segments:

📏 Each segment is about 2.5 metres wide, 21m long and vary between 2.7 to 4.2m in height.

⚖️ The segments weigh between 80 and 100 tonne.

👷 It'll take up to 50,000 worker hours to complete all 166 pours.

🕒 The segments have to cure for about 28 days to achieve their optimal strength, before they can be installed on the new bridge.

The segments will be transported to the Batemans Bay Bridge project area in the coming months.

Photos: Andrew Constance MP