Bateman’s Regional Environment Conference wrap-up

Many of the 100 or so people who attended the NSW Regional Environment Conference at Batemans Bay on Saturday marched on the Forestry Corporation office demanding an end to native forest logging.

The protest followed revelations last week that Forestry Corporation may have breached its own post-fire logging rules in Mogo State Forest by felling an ironbark tree with a trunk diameter above 1m.

Photos: Gillianne Tedder

Forestry Corporation is investigating the matter.

There was broad support at the conference for a range of environmental protection measures in addition to ending native forest logging and transitioning to 100% plantation forestry, including:

· Protecting sanctuary zones in Batemans Marine Park;

· Installing electric vehicle recharge stations on the Kings and Princes highways; and

· Saving unburnt South Coast forests from development.

The conference was organised by the Nature Conservation Council and co-hosted be the South-East Region Conservation Alliance (SERCA), the South Coast Health and Sustainability Alliance (SHASA) and Coastwatchers.

All agreed the event was a tremendous success and demonstrated that the conservation and climate movement in the region was strong and growing.