Assisting the Alvey's of Nelligen's Steampacket Hotel

For 3.5years the Alvey name has been synonymous with the The Steampacket Hotel, Nelligen.

They moved from Tullamore, NSW in search of a community and job security. Undertaking a lease of the Hotel, with a view to buy after a 10 year tenure.

Over the past 2 years they have been tested by fire, flood, pandemic and most recently a freak hailstorm that has brought the business to its knees.

Whilst the Steampacket is insured by the Owner, and has been assessed for repairs, the Alvey Partnership consisting of Heather, Joel & Melissa (and staff) have lost all source of income since January 5th, 2021. With repairs needed to the entire roof, ceilings and carpet, there is no telling when work will commence or indeed finish. Thus the Alvey’s, usually the first to assist others, are in need of a little help themselves.

During the past 3 years they’ve championed fundraising efforts for Tathra bushfire victims, local illness sufferers, football & soccer clubs, fire brigades, Black Dog Institute, Cystic Fibrosis and more recently the Lantern Club which fundraise for the Royal Institute for Deaf and blind children.

Though they lead a humble lifestyle, every day expenses such as rent and food for an immediate family of 14 still need to be met. Under Government ruling, only 1 x Job keeper payment of $1000.00 p/f can be made to a Partnership, equating to $166.66 each a week before tax. Joel & Melissa’s rent is $430p/w, Rick & Heather’s $600.00p/w, this in addition to their business loan of $544p/w on a business that is generating nil income.

Melinda Dwyer, the organiser behind the GoFund Me fundraiser says "The objective of this fundraiser is simply to cover their personal rent for 6 months so that a roof remains over their head whilst grappling with so much other uncertainty.

"The Alvey’s plight is not isolated (particularly after the NSW bushfires), but the difference this family has made to the fabric of Nelligen since their arrival is immeasurable. "It would be a travesty to see them leave and The Steampacket remain closed. Under their Management it has grown into a welcoming place to gather, not only for locals but for 1000’s of tourists to grab a meal and have children play in its yard. It was also a thriving live music venue before Covid restrictions.

"Usually the first to put their hand out, to help others up, please join me in returning the favour."