Asbestos removal at Moruya Hospital next week

Asbestos removal will take place at Moruya Hospital on Monday 22 and Tuesday 23

February 2021.

Patients, staff and the public will not be exposed to asbestos containing material at

any stage of the removal process and hospital services will not be impacted.

An exclusion zone will be established around the work area and will be air sealed off

from patients, staff and public.

As per requirements, SafeWork NSW has been notified of the works.

Approximately 20 square metres of wall panels will be removed, containing non-

friable asbestos.

A NSW Class A licenced asbestos removal company will carry out the works in

accordance with safe work practices.

A NSW licenced asbestos assessor will oversee the works and conduct air


All asbestos containing material will be sealed and double bagged in approved

asbestos disposal bags then placed in a covered asbestos skip bin.

Screenshot 2022-08-05 170917.png