Are the Bega and Gilmore Liberals limbering up for an Election Shuffle

Being someone who keeps their ear to the ground, their nose to the wind, their finger on the pulse with a foot in each camp I am amused by the rumblings on the grapevine. We know that there is a Council election in September and can only assume the latest member of the Liberal Party will throw her hat in the ring if the numbers look good to be Mayor. The murmurings however are that the prospective Mayoral candidate will flounder in 2021 without the support base held in 2016. Already the numbers are stacking up for a sound defeat in the Mayoral election. Running only as a Mayor with a poor line up sharing the electoral ticket it was envisaged that this might be the last we see of this candidate but news has it that there are now aspirations to run instead for the seat of Bega in the next NSW elections as a Liberal. The hurdle will be to make it past pre-selection and for a new member to the Liberal Party coming in with considerable baggage, especially from the Eurobodalla region the prospective State candidate might be found to be wanting. Flies on the wall are also buzzing around the suggestion that the current Member for Bega may have aspirations for Federal Government, having abandoned his previous bid to enter the federal Parliament less than 24 hours after announcing he would seek Liberal pre-selection at the Eden-Monaro by-election. It makes sense that he would want Gilmore as he lives in Gilmore and not Eden Monaro. The Liberals are still hurting from the parachuted Warren Mundine, Captain's Call, shafting of the pre-selected local candidate so they might think Andrew Constance would be a worthy Liberal candidate for Gilmore however it would take a mammoth effort to counter the 5% swing required. With the Local, State and Federal Election Shuffle in mind it isn't at all surprising then to see the possible Bega electorate candidate in as many photo shoots as possible standing shoulder to shoulder with Liberal and National Party heavyweights. It will be interesting to watch the dance steps in the months to come.

Let the dance begin.

Screenshot 2022-08-05 170917.png