Are RMS determining use of Centenary Drive by counting cars in winter

The Beagle Editor,

It would seem that RMS is now counting cars using Centenary Drive as they try to build the case to close the ‘Right Hand’ turn for people wanting to access Bar Beach and the busiest boat ramp servicing Montague Island.

This is a disgrace. They have installed their counting equipment at the quietest time of the year in Narooma and will no doubt justify their decision to close the road to traffic from the south based on the fact ’It has a low number of traffic movements’. What a sneaky, sly way to gauge traffic volumes on that road.

Rather than treat the Narooma people like fools why doesn’t RMS fix the intersection by providing a slip lane north bound on the highway. After all, it would only cost a mere fraction of the money being spent ‘gold plating’ roads in Sydney.

How about the hierarchy of RMS treat us with a bit more respect?

Neil Mumme