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Another driver skulks off and exposes Tuross community to risk of cattle on the road

To the Ford driver who had the distinction of driving off Hector McWilliam Drive west of Casurina Grove flattening 4 wooden posts and breaking 4 wires congratulations! You have the distinction of being the 20th driver to do so since I have leased Kyla Park Grazing lands with only one person having the decency to actually repair the fence. True to form you smashed the fence and then have the hide to skulk off to leave your mess behind. You stupidly left the fence open for the cattle to escape onto the road creating real risk to other drivers not to mention the possibility of injuring the cattle. I pass on my thanks to the watchful Tuross residents who maintain a watchful eye over these lands and promptly notify me asap of such breakages, so that I can repair the damage before livestock get onto the road. If you do have an accident and damage the fence do the right thing. Notify me so that the fence can be repaired BEFORE cattle get onto the highway and so that no one gets hurt. I have yet to charge to repair the fence damage but if my stock are hurt and others are injured because of such negligence then look out you will cop the full extent of the law. Cheers Keith Dance