Animal Liberation Batemans Bay continues to say NO to horse racing and to rodeos

Sadly one of the pre-race favourites of the Melbourne Cup was euthanised after sustaining a fractured fetlock during the race.

Anthony Van Dyck became the seventh horse to die over the last eight Cups.

In a letter sent to Eurobodalla Council the Animal Liberation Batemans Bay Group wrote: Dear Mayor Innes

We know you have a special love of horses and doubt that you could, in all conscience, oversee a Council that turns a blind eye to or condones animal cruelty in any form.

Rodeos are a cruel spectator ‘sport’, condemned by all animals protection organisation, in which bulls, horses and sometimes other animals are physically provoked into displaying ‘wild’ behaviours by the use of such devices as spurs, electric prods and flank straps.  Rodeo animals suffer many kinds of injuries and are sometimes killed or have to be destroyed.

Are you aware that  rodeos were banned in the UK in 1934 because of the cruelty to animals?  Rodeos are also banned in the Netherlands, parts of Europe and the USA as well as the ACT.   South Australia and Victoria have banned calf roping and horse/bull buck riding because of the cruelty, injury and sometimes death that goes hand in hand with these outdated components of the rodeo.   Over 60,000 people in Queensland signed a petition to its government calling upon it to ban rodeos in that State.

Eurobodalla Shire Council currently permits an annual rodeo event at the Moruya showgrounds on New Years Day.  These rodeo events include calf roping and horse/bull buck riding, under the guise of ‘sport’.   We understand this licence is due to expire in 2021.

The RSPCA has made it clear where it stands on the issue

Where do you stand?

Yours sincerely

Coral Anderson for

Animal Liberation Batemans Bay