An opinion

Editor, One has got to feel for all the sensible and decent Canberrans that we know exist when once again on Thursday night the idiots that they share the capital with showed their stupid side and sadly all of Canberra will get the blame. If it wasn’t bad enough that when the bushfire hell we all went through started these clowns refused to listen and came to our shire on mass and when the poo really hit the fan what did they do? Yes they ratted our supermarket and fuel resources then took off leaving us to deal with it. So thoughtful, but then low and behold when the lockdown order came through last Thursday morning what did these same idiots do, yes let's head to the coast and lets not join the massive queues of panic buying happening in our own town, no we’ll get supplies when we get down the coast and deplete their limited resources you bloody self centred ignorant fools. What is it it with your self absorbed sense of entitlement that makes you think you have higher standing in community and if it wasn’t for you and your wealth us little rednecks couldn’t exist. I have been sent numerous statements from social media that so many of them have made trying to justify their actions stating that everything they did was with inside the law and guidelines and people should stop Canberra bashing. Well all well and good you clowns but not one of you has stopped to think was it the right thing to do morally or for our community. No you just, as always, attack those who speak out and try to defend your totally selfish and stupid attitude and as usual once the order was given for Eurobodalla to lockdown what did you do, yes same as last time abandon ship, fuel up and head home where there's wi-fi and big screen for the kids seeing as the beach was out once again putting massive pressure on our already suffering infrastructure, police and emergency services. I watched it and it was amazing but at least this time you were exposed because it was only absolute idiots that were out in that mayhem. Its common knowledge that so many have used loopholes in the last few years to change licenses and registrations over to their south coast addresses and I for one want the powers that be to close that loophole and also have in place requirement laws that state if we go into any sort of problem from pandemic, bushfires or floods etc that lockdown means lockdown no matter where you bloody come from and to stay away. The fact that you have constantly have to be told is beyond me in the first place. I am just the messenger and I can tell you there are thousands of very unhappy residents in this shire that have had a gutful of you and your disrespect for us that want to live here comfortably and quietly as we have for years. Your actions do nothing to bridge the tourist/local gap… Pete Ward Moruya