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An interesting post found on Facebook


The left wing owner/ editor of the local online free newspaper ‘The Beagle’ has now formally announced that he will no longer allow any questioning, debate or posting of science that goes against the Climate alarmist or environmental emergency narrative.

Many locals (including myself) flocked to what we thought was going to be the first free speech newspaper this Shire has seen for many decades. Many people knew the owner/ editor Lei Parker was a left winger, but figured that did not matter as long as he allowed free and open debate of the facts.

For many years we had only two newspapers in this shire, which were both owned by the left leaning, and ‘government friendly’ Fairfax news company, which shamelessly gagged stories and comments that might discredit council, the government or their left wing narrative.

Not only did they block many letters and stories, and mislead, but they would even re-write many letters and comments to tilt the table, or just shut down dissent when they were losing, and when online comments became popular they just deleted most that questioned things like Climate change before they were put up, and allowed pro-government left wing extremist free reign over the comments sections, and to smear and bully any dissenters (most often anonymously)

So many people eagerly threw their support behind the Beagle when it started, even though he was favouring left wing writers from the beginning and deleting the odd comment or story.

But over time many began to realise he was not just left wing, but one of the most extreme left wing people in this shire, and working closely with the most extreme local activists.

This became crystal clear as he and his activist friends became more and more openly frustrated and angry at constantly losing the online scientific debates, and failing to sell any of their environmental scare stories (to build community support) But what really pushed them over the edge was losing both the Federal and State elections. They were not expecting that.

Notice that the editor called anyone who disagrees with the global warming scam “Trolls” But did not try to claim they were putting up false information? because it was his leftist friends constantly caught doing that. He also did not try to claim they were being abusive, because again it was his extreme left wing friends trying to smear and bully people. No he just said it was a lot of work for him to fact check every post by skeptics, but note he also did not claim any were found to be false? because again it was claims from the left which were the ones constantly shown to be scientifically false.

His other excuse for ending free speech was to say that comments from skeptics were “undermining” and “discrediting” the articles his far left friends were putting up.

lol, at least he admits his bias!

The leftist groups working with the Beagle are now determined to get an extremist majority into council at next years election. Over excited left wing commenters are now boasting that the Beagle is actively organising and fighting for them (and now with any opposition gagged) their aim to get majority control of council is within their reach.

So I hope the word will get around and locals will now dump the fake Beagle newspaper, hopefully before he helps the leftist extremists get full control of council.

P.S. If there are any budding journalists out there who still believe in fair and unbiased reporting, free speech and debate, then now is a great time to start a real online newspaper. It is extremely easy to do now with free software on the net to set up online community newspapers.