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Aligned Leisure announced as Bay Pavilions aquatic and arts leisure hub management

Eurobodalla Council today signed a three-year contract with Aligned Leisure to manage the Bay Pavilions aquatic and arts leisure hub. Aligned Leisure is a 100% owned subsidiary company of the Richmond Football Club, established as a vehicle to manage the operations of Richmond’s health, fitness and leisure business activities.

In a media release issued today welcoming the announcement Council advise that Aligned Leisure had demonstrated a clear understanding of how best to connect residents with the Bay Pavilions’ services and programs.

Aligned Leisure CEO Shane Dunne said the centre would be a place where people would meet and connect, a hub for arts and creativity, aquatics, health and fitness.

“Our immediate aim is to build an art and leisure workforce – from the community, for the community.

“All Bay Pavilions services, from the café to the pool hall, gym and theatre, will be run by people employed by Aligned Leisure. And every effort is being made to make sure the vast majority will be locals,” he said.

Council received four tenders for the fee-for-service contract to manage the Bay Pavilions. Melbourne-based Aligned Leisure was chosen after a comprehensive evaluation – by two separate working groups – based on service delivery, technical merit, financial viability and proposed cost.

Council advises that construction of the facility continues apace, and despite the pandemic presenting delays, is on track to open to the public in the first half of 2022 adding that lockdowns in NSW and ACT have hampered access to trades and materials on top of world-wide shipping delays. Council reports that builders have worked around these hold-ups and earlier wet weather, meaning they are just six weeks or so behind their original finish date.

The massive glulam beams have been installed over the aquatic complex and the theatre is currently being built.

The next milestone for Bay Pavilions watchers will be the installation of the waterslides. Council will be running a raffle offering lucky locals an early sneak peak of the centre prior to opening.

It is understood that once ADCO completes construction there will be a hand-over to Aligned Leisure for six weeks of fit-out and staff training before the premises can open to the public.

At the Council meeting of August 24th 2021 Council moved to adopt the following fees and changes The draft Fees and Charges for the operation of the Bay Pavilions be placed on public exhibition for a period not less than 28 days with the following changes: a) Additional concession rate Aquarobics at $12 b) Additional concession rate Waterslide Ticket (2 hours) at $9 c) Additional concession rate Waterslide Ticket All Day Pass at $16 d) Amend fees and charges for Platinum Membership from $86 to $98/month and Platinum Membership (concession) from $78.70 to $90/month e) Amend fees and charges for Gold Membership from $71 to $84/month and Gold Membership (concession) from $61.00 to $77/month.

Proposed fees and charges for the Bay Pavilions are now on public exhibition, with community feedback welcome for 28 days - visit Bay Pavilions fees and charges

Closing date for submissions: Wednesday 22 September 2021, 4.00pm Council has developed a proposed schedule of fees and charges for the Bay Pavilions - Eurobodalla’s new regional aquatic, arts and leisure centre at Batemans Bay. The new facility is set to open in 2022 with pre-sale memberships and promotions starting in the summer. The fees and charges are based on a comprehensive analysis of similar facilities throughout the region with the aim of ensuring the facility is both competitive and affordable. It is a legislated requirement that Council provide public notice before it can introduce any new fees and charges. The proposed schedule is therefore now on public exhibition and community members have 28 days to make submissions. Submissions will help finalise and inform any adjustments before Councillors have the opportunity to vote to adopt. Once finalised the fees and charges for the Bay Pavilions will be incorporated into Council’s 2021-22 Fees and Charges, available on Council’s website.

YOU can find all the other fees HERE