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ADVANCE EUROBODALLA announces Mat Hatcher as Mayoral Candidate

ADVANCE EUROBODALLA announces Mat Hatcher as Mayoral

Candidate for 2021 Eurobodalla Shire LGA Election

Newly formed political group, Advance Eurobodalla, have today announced Mat Hatcher as their Mayoral Candidate in the 2021 Eurobodalla Shire LGA Election in September.

Their announcement comes with their media release saying : "With a commitment for Eurobodalla to be ‘Stronger Together', Mat and Advance Eurobodalla are dedicated to:

• Genuine and open community engagement

• Sound financial management

• Strategic disaster planning and operations

"Mat has been a part of the Eurobodalla community for nearly 20 years, and it is here that he

has built a career, grown businesses and raised a family. But, most importantly, Mat has had

the honour of leading and supporting the Eurobodalla through his businesses and

community aid - most recently, through the worst natural disaster in living memory.

"Mat has strong networks across all levels of government, and works with all parties at all

levels to advocate for the best for the community. He has excellent business acumen from

creating many small businesses in this shire. He has a proven track record both leading and delivering support during the most significant crisis this shire has faced.

In the press release Mat said, “I am deliberately not affiliated with any party as I believes council doesn’t need party politics but a voice of reason. We need someone in there fighting for the community everyday, and I believe I have the energy and community support to get the job done.

"Motherhood statements may sound nice but policy and ‘the how’ is what the community

are asking for. My team will be releasing policies, and we have been working with leaders

from all spectrums of community to be prepared to hit the ground running.”

Offering a bio, the media release says that the last 18 months alone, Mat has;

• Established Bushfire Relief Group South Coast Donations Logistic Team

• Raised $5k for NSW Rural Fire Service

• Instigated and hosted “Light up the Bay” at NYE which helped out community to

sensitively mark the first anniversary since the onset of the Black Summer bushfires

on Batemans Bay

• Raised $5k for Cancer Council NSW at the 2020 Eurobodalla Dancing with the Stars

• Named Eurobodalla’s Local Hero in 2020

Mat is currently serving as President of the Batemans Bay Business and Tourism Chamber,

and is on the Board of Directors of the South Coast Colleges, specifically advocating for

youth employment and training.

Mayoral candidate Mat Hatcher is excited at the prospect of change at last. ‘Our essential

aim is to ensure that Council is openly working with the community, and for the

community’s best interests. Advance Eurobodalla ask everyone to visit their website, and follow their Facebook and Instagram pages. "We want to hear from everyone so we can win this election for our entire community."