Aboriginal cultural fishing Inquiry

Aboriginal cultural fishing is the focus of a current Upper House inquiry, with our committee exploring why legal provisions for cultural fishing in NSW - which were passed in 2009 - are yet to commence in the state.

Community members are encouraged to have their say using the 'submissions' tab at www.bit.ly/cultural-fishing, before 28 February 2022. The committee is particularly keen to hear about any impacts experienced by the community as a result of the legislation's delay.

The legislation in question is a provision under the NSW Fisheries Management Amendment Act 2009, which would authorise an Aboriginal person to take or possess fish despite daily limits prescribed by the Act, where the fish are taken for the purpose of Aboriginal cultural fishing. The inquiry will shed light on the historical reasons behind its delay, any challenges or potential road blocks to the legislation's commencement, and the impact of its non-commencement on Aboriginal cultural fishing, among other issues.

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