A victory for the Broulee community: Council got it wrong

Fortunately for the residents of Broulee there members of the community who have long memories. Eurobodalla Council had announced that they were going to sell a triangle of land at the entrance to Broulee village advising the community that the land was classified "operational" and that they could sell the land without any further community consultation.

Above: In a frantic push to gain more revenue Council is looking to sell off its many "unused" public reserves across the shire including this heavily treed area they thought they could subdivided into four blocks of land at the corner block of Broulee Rd and Clarke St. Turns out the community has other ideas. "Just leave it alone and go away and take your chainsaws with you !" Older members of the community dared to say "It isn't Operational, go back and do your due diligence and get back to us." Councillor Anthony Mayne learnt of Council's announced intent to sell off the heavily treed area of four blocks of land that was once managed by Landcare Australia in #broulee being the corner block of Broulee Rd and Clarke St.

Clr Mayne said at the time "I hope not! Then again, I think Coopers Island Road also should not be sold off. Nor should community blocks at Pretty Point or South Durras.

"I might be in the minority here - but I generally disagree with selling off community assets, which the community owns!"

The Eurobodalla councillor added "With ongoing Broulee development, the proposed Oaks Ranch Mossy Point development, the Tomakin development and the large Rosedale development, how about we as a Council try to look after the small parcels of community land for the future."

The Meeting Notes Regarding Broulee Mossy Point Community Association and Council Staff Meeting On 27 April 2021 report: Council claimed that the land was always Operational Land but BMPCA recalled that it was changed to Community land some 15 years ago. This will need to be established.

Additional note: There appears to have been a Council decision on 27 November 2003 to change the land classification from Operational to Community Land. No revocation of this decision could be found. The Natural Heritage Trust sign on the land would also suggest that the land was Community Land as the NHT did not usually fund projects on Operational Land. Had the Council staff done their homework they would have investigated the Community Land Plan of Management, Adopted 25 November, 2003 Good news for the Broulee Community: Broulee Mossy Point Community Association post:

Following on from our meeting, Acting president, Andrew Bain, had contacted Council again for clarification on the status of the land on the corner of Broulee Road and Clarke Street. It was BMPCAs assertion that this land was classified Community Land and therefore could not be sold for development. Council has responded that we are correct and it was an error in their database of land classification and they are not considering selling this land at this time. "A search of Council records has revealed the Council resolution from 25 November 2003 for these parcels to be classified as Community Land. This classification was not reflected in Council's database of land classification. Council had been considering the use of this land in the belief it was operational land but its use is no longer under consideration given the above confirmation that it is community land. Council's database is being amended accordingly" Their full letter can be downloaded and read on the Broulee Mossy Point Community Association website

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