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A perfect picnic photoshoot day for ABA

The Australian Breastfeeding Association - Eurobodalla group held their annual picnic and photoshoot at the Botanical Gardens today

Photos by Kylie Verdouw

The group is one of the 230 ABA groups that operate around Australia.

ABA was founded by a group of mothers with the aim of helping other mothers and this 'mother-to-mother' support is the keystone of our local groups. You can come along and meet new friends, chat to and get hints and tips from other mothers who've 'been there' and talk to a trained, volunteer breastfeeding counsellor if needed.

This group is run by Kylie and Michelle (volunteer breastfeeding counsellors) with support from Kim and Genevieve (who are trainees) and Jane who is their wonderful host and caterer. They get together once a month on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 10-12pm) for casual get togethers or discussions about various parenting topics. Topics discussed might cover such things as basic breastfeeding tips, expressing and storing breastmilk, supply issues, returning to work, weaning, introducing solids, nighttime parenting and much more. Besides being informative they are lots of fun. We often have guest speakers from the community. The Group meets at the Red Door Hall at Moruya Anglican Church on the 3rd Wednesday of the month and do a roving playgroup on the 1st Friday of the month. Future dates…. May Wednesday - 18th Topic: Common breastfeeding hurdles and how to overcome them Location - Red Door Hall, Anglican Church off Page St Moruya, From 10-12pm June Friday 3rd - Babies and beyond Playgroup - Captain Oldey playground from 10-12 (come and walk with us the new little nature trail behind the park). Wednesday 15th - The 4th Trimester - what to expect in the first 3 months of life with a new baby. Location - Red Door Hall, Anglican Church off Page St Moruya. From 10-12pm. July Friday 1st - Rescheduled Bingie walk with local elder Trish Ellis from 10-12.30 (RSVP required as max group size 15 adults) Wednesday 20th - Enviro-Mum - top tips for treading light on this earth with guest speaker Liz. Please bring along some baby clothes to swap. Location - Red Door Hall, Anglican Church off Page St Moruya, From 10-12pm August Friday 5th - Babies and Beyond Playgroup - Bodalla/Narooma park meeting - details TBA Wednesday 17th - How to prepare for birth and breastfeeding - with a guest midwife. Location - Red Door Hall, Anglican Church off Page St Moruya From 10-12pm September Friday 2nd - Getting back into fitness post baby - top tips from local fitness expert Kate - Location TBA Wednesday 21st - Maternal wellbeing post baby with Gidget foundation mental health specialist Location - Red Door Hall, Anglican Church off Page St Moruya, From 10-12pm October Friday 7th- Babies and beyond Playgroup - Mogo park and playgrounds Wednesday 19th - Topic: Introducing solids Location - Red Door Hall, Anglican Church off Page St Moruya, From 10-12pm November Friday 4th - Babies and beyond Playgroup - Picnic and bushwalk at Murramarang NP Wednesday 16th - Topic: encouraging optimal development in your infant with guests - chiropractor and OT Location - Red Door Hall, Anglican Church off Page St Moruya, From 10-12pm December Friday 2nd - Babies and Beyond Playgroup planning meeting for 2022 and picnic at Mossy Point Boat Jetty 10-12pm Wednesday - 14th Christmas Gathering - Dancing owl music and celebrations in Batemans Bay Botanical Gardens Location - Red Door Hall, Anglican Church off Page St Moruya, from 10-12pm What will you experience if you come along to a meeting? Well, we are super friendly group of mums who genuinely wish to support other mothers on their parenting journey. Our meetings are a chance to enjoy a cup of tea, laugh about parenting ups and downs and make new friendships. We chat about all sorts of issues in a very supportive, informal and non-judgemental way. We support all mothers, regardless of how they feed their babies. We recognise that most mums start off wanting to breastfeed their baby, but often hurdles get in the way. We advocate for increased support for all mums, and believe it's not a mum that fails, but a society that fails to support her. We support all mums (and partners) whether you breastfeed, mix feed, express and feed, donor feed or formula feed, tandem feed, co-feed or have recently weaned. All parents and support people are welcome!

This year we welcome mums with older babies, toddlers or children, by making sure we have some activities for toddlers and preschoolers. During the school holidays, we ensure we have activities for older kids. At the Southern Life church Hall, we have a change table, space for babies and toddlers to safely roam. We are not affiliated in any way with the church but we do thank them for allowing us to rent the space for our meetings.

There will always be a breastfeeding counsellor attend to provide you with one on one support if you have any breastfeeding queries.

ABA members can attend unlimited get-togethers anywhere in Australia. Non-members are more than welcome and encouraged to attend as a visitor. If you enjoy attending your local group, please consider becoming a member of ABA as it is only through membership that ABA has the funds to continue to provide its services. If readers want to join the group they can find us them facebook at: or email on We look forward to meeting new faces at one of our events this year ! If you have any other suggestions for locations/meeting topics etc please message us. We also welcome new volunteers and/or guest presenters!