A little bag of joy!

The Beagle Editor, As food and water started to become scarce, this little Black Swamp Wallaby became a frequent visitor to our house yard and garden which provide easy access to water dishes under tank taps and even bird baths that require a bit of a ‘stretch’.

These black wallabies will devour virtually anything, and as a result have wreaked havoc on my garden in the past.

However, my compassion was piqued when I realised that this little lady was burdened with a bag full of baby.

Consequently, I have taken to feeding her my vegie scraps - well sometimes they’re not actually ‘scraps’ and sometimes they’re not actually vegies, as she’s partial to a bit of fruit as well.

So as my compost heap shrinks, the bag grows.

And just recently, the contents of said bag, discovered daylight. But there still appears to be much confusion as to which way is up, as it takes much practice to expose the correct body part in order to take in the view.

I just hope that on its first outing, it lands on a carpet of green! Name and address supplied