A coronavirus cruise ship was about to dock in Eden until local doctors intervened

Paul Farrell and Alex McDonald ABC 7.30 Report has revealed "that the bushfire-affected Bega Valley narrowly averted a potential health crisis after a plan to divert several cruise ships to the port of Eden to disembark passengers in the days following the Federal Government's cruise ship ban was abandoned."

"One of those vessels, the Voyager of the Seas, was due to arrive at the port on 15 March.

Above: The Voyager of the Seas had a number of confirmed cases of coronavirus, including one passenger who died. (Source: Voyager of the Seas Facebook)

"It has since had several confirmed COVID-19 cases after it left passengers in Sydney on March 18. One of those who tested positive, Garry Kirstenfield, died on Wednesday last week. Read the full article HERE

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