A Christmas Carol for Councillors

The Beagle Editor, A Christmas song for Councillors Liz Innes, Rob Pollock, Lindsay Brown, James Thomson, Jack Tait and Maureen Nathan, from the community choir. To the tune of ‘Happy Christmas, War is Over’.

And so this is Christmas, what’s our council done

Stolen our swimming pool, stolen our fun.

They’ve ignored our petitions, our meetings and pleas

Forging ahead with, their own secret schemes.

And so this is Christmas, but only for some

The mighty, the powerful, who treat us like scum.

This council’s no conscience, no sense of fair play

Shoulder to shoulder, with Cath all the way.

And so this is Christmas, hope you are glad

You’ve stolen our spirit, you’ve made us so mad.

No putt putt, no swimming, no centre to use

What more awaits us, please no more bad news.

A Merry, merry Christmas to Innes and mates

Pollock and Thomson, Nathan and Tait.

But come next September, we’ll show how we feel

We’ll teach you a lesson, it’s not nice to steal. And so this is Christmas

This year's been a pain But thank god we had McGinlay and Mayne (and Constable)


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