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40kph zone requested for Annetts Parade, Mossy Point

At Council's next meeting on March 23rd 2021 Ordinary Meeting of Council on 23 March 2021, Councillor Anthony Mayne will submit a petition provided to him by Kim Griffiths, a resident of Mossy Point with a recommendation to forward the petition to the Local Traffic Committee for consideration. The Petition specifically states: We the undersigned, petition Council to: Undertake a Speed Zone Review on Annetts Parade, Mossy Point NSW between house number 45 River Road (eastern intersection with Annetts Parade) to the Mossy Point Boat Ramp and Headland with view to implementing a permanent 40km/hour speed zone. For the following reasons: 1. Excessive vehicle speed frequently observed in the area. 2. High pedestrian activity area. 3. High bicycle activity area. 4. Many vulnerable road users - children, elderly and disabled. 5. High number of vehicles with boats and trailers attached use the road. 6. Road alignment, geometry, shape, curves & rises limits vision. 7. Frequency of residential and driveways. 8. Short sight distance at access driveways especially between Nos. 193 to 175 Annetts Parade. 9. Short sight distance for pedestrians crossing road especially between Nos. 193 to 175 Annetts Parade. 10. Residential driveway Sight distance is further restricted on both sides of Annetts Parade by vehicles parked on roadside. 11. Vehicle conflict point at Surfside and Pacific Street '5 ways' intersection with Annetts Parade. 12. Rolled curbs that invite car parking on grass verges forcing pedestrians to walk on the road. 13. No footpaths. 14. Several motor vehicle accidents have occurred in the area in recent years. The most recent being on Monday 28 December 2020 when a seven year old child and his father waiting to cross the road were hit by a speeding vehicle. Tragically the child suffered multiple critical injuries. Councillor Mayne, in presenting the petition will be moving a motion seeking the endorsement of his fellow councillors to, at the minimum, forward the petition to the Local Traffic Committee for their consideration.