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Native forest logging at Mogo update

Friends of the Forest - Mogo report that less than a kilometre west from Mogo town centre the latest local native forest logging operation has been underway since May.

A Friends spokesperson told the Beagle "The Eden-based contractors are working their way up either side of Mogo Creek decimating trees and understorey shrubs which would normally be providing nectar for birds like the endangered Swift Parrot at this time of year. No application of the wombat protection protocol has been made despite the obvious presence of this species in this forest. No attempt at roadside visual buffers has been made."

"Logging in this compartment and all others in NSW is exempt from the federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act which applies to virtually all other land management activities across the country. "It falls to the woefully understaffed NSW Environment Protection Agency to oversee all logging operations. Compliance with the Threatened Species Licence is therefore a hit and miss affair. Until this is rectified the public can have little confidence that our native forests are being managed sustainably in a true ecological sense." said the Friends of the Forest - Mogo spokesperson

"Logging next to Mogo will continue Monday to Saturday 7am to 7pm until August 15th. Expect a post logging burn this winter."

Above: logging of the strip of land between B Tree Rd and Mogo Creek accessible at the end of Church Street.

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