Narooma: Help put an end to suffering for those with Endometriosis

An afternoon tea to be held at CWA Narooma rooms at 1.30pm on Wednesday 26th will raise funds for research into treatment and diagnosis of Endometriosis. At recent State Conference a donation of $34,000 was presented being branch donations for past year towards Medical Research. With your attendance maybe the next donation will be larger. Women who suffer this debilitating disease will know that diagnosis can take many years, can lead to fertility problems, any many days lost work as a result of pain and other complications. Diagnosis at present can be very invasive but at State Conference, Dr Fred Wong, told of hope that in near future a blood test could give results due to certain proteins that show up due to this disease. Your entry of $7 goes directly to CWA Medical Research funds and then all of that is given at next conference to researchers. All funds from raffle $1 a ticket will also go to this fund. Come along , bring a friend or 2 and enjoy a lovely afternoon tea and learn more about Endometriosis.

If you need info or transport please ring/text Joanne King 0408433178 or Sally James 4476-1691.

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