Dalmeny Narooma Bushwalking News.

The cold weather and winds abated for Thursday 6 June as 14 Dalmeny Narooma Bushwalkers enjoyed a local walk around Panoorooma Park area and the Wagona Inlet foreshore, led by Maggie Finch. The walk also took the bushwalkers into two private native gardens, where they enjoyed strolling around banksia's, wattles, grevilleas, flowering gum trees. In between the properties the walkers joined the Ringlands walk towards Flying Fox Bay, into the rainforest area where shade was cast by the tall Strangler Figs, supporting clusters of Asplenium nidus (Birds Nest Ferns), the smell of the local flying foxes which could be heard further in the rainforest was enjoyed by all. Making their way back along Ringlands Track they had morning tea with filtered views of the Inlet. After, the walkers enjoyed following the foreshore around the Inlet, passing oyster farms. Making their way back to Rainforest Parkway, finding a grassy paddock under the warm sun had their lunch. Back to the cars where Maggie was thanked by the walkers for an easy medium walk of 8.5km. No walk was held Saturday, being a long weekend. The winter walk program has just started and can be accessed via the web http://www.dalmenynaroomabushwalkers.info/

Above: Walkers enjoy strolling around a native private garden in Ringlands

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