Dalmeny Narooma Bushwalkers News

Above: Walkers scrambling around Moon Bay Rocks in the Mimosa Rocks National Park. Last Thursday, 30th May, 18 walkers made their way to Nelson Beach in the Mimosa National Park to enjoy a 9 km easy walk, with Steve Deck. Being ex ranger of the Mimosa, Steve knows the history in the area. Winds were predicted however the walkers were mostly protected from them. After a brief talk Steve led the walkers onto the beach, to the entrance of Nelson Lagoon and up to Wajurda Point for great views. Arriving at the steps to Moon Bay the bushwalkers had a long morning tea after exploring finding rusted stubs of mooring rings and grooves cut into the cliffs, explained as the remains of the log slide and mooring site where timber and farm products were loaded onto barges for transfer to ships. Heading for the Bega River Mouth, which is still open to the sea, Steve gave a history talk about the private property the group were traversing. Named "Riverview", the property was once owned by Noel and Mary Ford around 1946. The pair were keen farmers and the remains of the farm were still there, garage foundations, a chimney showing where the studio was, a vegetable garden and old fencing. The Fords had a vibrant farm of pigs, black faced Suffolk sheep, pheasants, partridges, peacocks, geese and Clydesdales added to by growing vegetables and fruit. During the 1990's Riverview was acquired under the 1973 Coastal Land Protection Scheme and is now part of Mimosa Rocks National Park. Buildings have been demolished due to white ant infestation, but the huge trees that were planted are still there. Back to Moon Bay for lunch, the Dalmeny Narooma Bushwalkers returned back to the cars where Steve was thanked for the walk. Saturday, the first day of winter, saw the bushwalkers hold their AGM with a lovely morning tea afterwards. A major change was announced for walks heading south; instead of meeting at the Plaza, (due to work) they will now meet in the big carpark behind Lynches Hotel. All details on web http://www.dalmenynaroomabushwalkers.info/

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