Animals in the Wild exhibition June 8th and 9th at Gallery Bodalla

Animals in the Wild | Gallery Bodalla

Where: Gallery Bodalla When: Saturday 8 June - Sunday 9 June, 10am - 4pm. Opening Saturday 8 June, 11am

Animals in the wild is a much-loved celebration of nature, unthreatened and unharmed by humans. Animals in the wild encourages you to shoot with a camera, not a gun.

Prizes of a $100 gift vouchers will be awarded to the best picture in the following categories: a. The image that most evokes a connection with an animal in the wild in Australia b. The most beautiful image of a bird in the wild in Australia c. The image that best shows the beauty and diversity of our precious native forests d. The image that conveys the threats facing native animals in Australia, including the reality of habitat destruction from logging and land clearing, hunting, and guns and killing culture in Australia e. The most beautiful image of an animal in the wild, photographer aged 16 years or under.


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