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Don't underestimate the value of YOUR Preferential vote

Preference deals could be crucial in determining the result of the federal election and the seat of Gilmore. Look at the deals being done by Warren Mundine with the Nationals leaving ex-Liberal, now independent, Grant Schultz down at the bottom with the Greens with a Christian Democrat who actually lives in Bankstown ranked higher.

Above: some of the preference voting instructions from our local candidates

Meanwhile the United Australia Party are doing sweet deals with the Liberals yet Warren Mundine hasn't reciprocated with Milton Leslight in Gilmore. Of interest is the guidance from Grant Schultz who reminds everyone to number EVERY Box and that the remaining boxes be "YOUR Choice" So how important are these preferential votes ? Gwyn Singleton sent the Beagle this interesting snapshot of Tuross Head results in 2016 2016 Federal election seat of Gilmore

Tuross Head polling place results

Total Number of Votes

First Preference votes

Liberal Party 588

ALP 517

Greens 137

Christian Democrat 58

After Distribution of Christian Democrats second preferences:

58 From Christian Democrats to

  • Liberal Party 43 631

  • ALP 7 524

  • Greens 8 145

After Distribution of Greens preferences:

145 from Greens to

  • Liberal Party 24 655 elected

  • ALP 121 645

Difference in two-party preferred vote = 10 votes

VIDEO: WARNING LANGUAGE - The Australien Government has made an ad about Preferential Voting and it’s surprisingly honest and informative.

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