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$25m extra for Mackay Park announced

This morning the Fight for the Batemans Bay 50m pool group happened upon what appeared to be a gala ceremony at the Batemans Bay Olympic pool.

Assembled were Ann Sudmalis Member for Gilmore, Andrew Constance MP for Bega , Liz Innes Eurobodalla Mayor, Dr Catherine Dale, General Manager, Director, Lindsay Usher and local Liberal supporter John Haslem. To witness the event the public was represented by two members of the Fight For Batemans Bay 50m. Peter Coggin and Coral Anderson provide the following images and commentary of the announcement.

VIDEO: $25m in federal Funding now granted to ESC Mackay Park project

"The oversized cheque from the Federal Government for $25 million was handed over to Liz Innes in a short ceremony that involved popping streamers much laughter & mutual hugging ! "Finally the money for Batemans Bay Mackay Park Project $51 million ($26 from NSW coffers delivered by Andrew Constance with no strings attached & $25 million from the Federal Government) is in the hands of Mayor Innes! Ms Anderson conveyed "but still no sign of a Business Plan that will prove the financial affordability of the project to the community with real income projections, real cost projections and evidence that it will be financially self sustaining without adding undue financial burden to mainly fixed income residents. . Mr Coggin found it of interest saying "the $25m was delivered without the requisite FULL business plan that was requested however we will never know what was sent as Council refuses to provide a copy of the grant application." "Eurobodalla Council Director of Planning Lindsay Usher confirmed that a 50m Olympic Pool for Batemans Bay was now future proofed & would be drawn into plans by the architects for future expansion. "Ann Sudmalis said that the majority in the council survey (that is still to be compiled and reported on by staff to Councillors) stated that only a 25 m pool was needed. Ms Anderson asks "How are the results of council’s recent survey re. the three concept plan options that were displayed at kiosks known to Ms Sudmalis without it first being approved or known to our eight elected councillors . "When asked about the 50m pool for Batemans Bay Ms Sudmalis stated that rather than talk to her, it was Director Usher of Eurobodalla Shire Council to whom we had to argue our case . She said that she was there to deliver money not politics!" "Director Usher said that Stephen Phipp’s report of the survey would go to a Council Meeting before the end of this financial year . To the question : When will work start on The Mackay Park Project ? Answer: Council still has work to be done we don’t know yet." "After the presentation the Batemans Bay Pool Manager advised that today was a quiet day with only 40 lap swimmers when on warmer days the daily numbers of Olympic Pool lap swimmers averaged 150."

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