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Council 2021
Articles of interest in the lead up to the Eurobodalla Council Elections in December 2021

Issues for consideration by new Councillors:

1. The Council's refusal to provide a Financial Business Plan to the community for the Mackay Park Project that clearly outlines projected incomes and anticipated expenditures

2. The decision by Council to remove live streaming, recording and archiving of Public Forum presentations.

3. Council's intention to sell the Batemans Bay Community Centre and direct the funds into the running of the operation costs of the Mackay Park pool and theatrette.

4. The steadily building financial burden of Council's wages, infrastructure backlog and the demand for new facilities is weighing heavily on an increasingly underemployed workforce with little wage growth and an aging demographic reliant on fixed incomes. This bubble will burst. It is just a matter of When.

5. Council discharges 3003 million litres of recycled water annually into the sea, river or sand dunes and only recovers 270m per year for three golf courses in the shire. With Climate Change and record droughts is this sustainable and responsible? 

6. The Eurobodalla Aquatic Strategy did not go out to public consultation and was hidden within another document to be endorsed englobo via a Mayoral Minute that in itself remains highly questionable and considered unethical. 

7. Eurobodalla Council knowingly charges higher water and sewer rates in order to return an annual dividend to the General Fund thus by-passing the annual rate-capping of General Fund rates set by IPART.

8. Eurobodalla Council, as custodians of the Moruya Showground, move to ban rodeos at that venue. 

9. Eurobodalla Council immediately seek a full report on the condition of the facilities at the Moruya Pound ensuring that the RSPCA is included in the process of open and transparent evaluation. 

10. The revoking of the Public Gate on Coopers Island Road given the road now has a newly installed cattle grid.

11. Resolution of the Congo Road North access. Will it be returned by way of agreement? If so what will be the process and the resolution? If not Council needs to advise the public of the final decision to keep the road across Por 197 closed to all traffic including emergency to allow the landowner to do as he pleases on his own property without burdon. 


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