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Broulee Runners Wed 20th Feb 2019

Excellent conditions with virtually no wind helped the 69 starters achieve 13 personal best times. There were two new competitors in Clayton O’Brien and Owen Gordon. It was Clayton’s first look at the difficult 5-kilometre course and he ran an excellent time of 18.18. This places him at equal 9th fastest time in the 12-year history of the event.

In the 2 kilometres personal best times were recorded by Declan and Nina McPherson, Jordan Carter and Kate Patyus. In the 3.5 kilometres the improvers were Yma and Garran Carnall, Justin Murphy, Ross Wilson, Mirella Granata, Audrey Knobel and Peter Johnsen.

In the 5 kilometres the improvers were Angus Murphy and Jason Domeny. The Murphy boys (father and son) continue to impress each week as this is the second week in a row that both have recorded personal best times. Jason has taken over the title of the Broulee Runners PB Man with his rapid improvement over each of the events.

Above: The Knobel family were proud to introduce their matriarch, who is on a visit from Germany. She looked after baby Lotte, who is normally carried by Regina over the 2 kilometres. This allowed Regina to run a personal best time in the 3.5 kilometres.

2 Kilometres

Tino Lopresti 8.51 David West 9.08 Declan McPherson 9.33 Sunni West 10.05 Meg Phillips 10.32 Kate Patyus 10.41 Emma Patyus 10.42 Hallie Wignell 10.50 Erynn Carter 10.59 Isabella Lopresti 11.14 Amber Domeny 11.17 Jordan Carter 11.54 Millie Shanahan 11.58 Audrey Knobel 12.00 Nina McPherson 12.40 Andrew McPherson 12.41 Emma Carter 13.20 Jillian Edwards 13.30 Carissa Morgan 14.28 Janelle Morgan 14.29 Richard Fisher 15.29 Charley Proksch 16.25 Christian Proksch 16.25 Christian Carter 17.48 Jennifer Carter 18.02 Roz Hayward 19.14 Christina Murray 21.36 Jenny Pollock 21.38 Leo Proksch 27.12 Jo Pollock 27.12

3.5 Kilometres

Justin Murphy 16.26 Kobe Jenkins 16.58 Kylie Young 17.42 Ross Wilson 18.43 Garran Carnall 18.45 Monty Lloyd-Jones 18.46 Yma Carnall 18.47 Mirella Granata 19.00 Regina Knobel 19.09 Anthony Knobel 19.10 Laura Lopresti 20.51 Annie Johnsen 23.12 Jessie Jenkins 24.33 Robyn Kennedy 27.56 David McCann 28.19 Peter Johnsen 33.05 Matt Johnsen 35.58 Morgan Pettit 35.59 Julie De Ernsted 36.06 Susie Pettit 36.07

5 Kilometres

Clayton O’Brien 18.18 Matthew Edenborough 18.41 Dan Lloyd-Jones 19.14 Josh Connaughton 20.31 Harrison Gilligan 20.39 Angus Murphy 23.20 Dave Connaughton 23.54 Adrian Connor 23.58 Vaughn Gilligan 24.27 Jason Domeny 25.22 Louise Cox 26.11 Deb Connaughton 27.53 Owen Gordon 30.30 Rob Ryan 31.07 Steve Phipps 31.21 Jordan Hatcher 32.06 Matt Hatcher 32.07 Julianne Domeny 32.21 Mike Kennedy 36.36

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