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Broulee Runners Jan 30th 2019

The thunder storm held off and moved out to sea to allow the 68 starters to commence the three distances on offer in Wednesday’s evenings Broulee run/walk. Once again, we welcomed visitors to the run and in particular Ren Lefevre from Walgett and Lyn Rummery from Orange to their first run. In the 2 kilometres personal best times were recorded by Ryan Huynh, Yvonne Carter, Alexis Carver, Jordon Carter, Steve Corcoran, and Christian Carter. In the 3.5 kilometres the stars were Judy Kennedy and Emma Corcoran. Judy is back in Australia after two years in Indonesia and is now living in Broulee. She and her husband Damien have been major sponsors of the event by providing the 30-run shirts since the beginning of the event.



2 Kilometres

Klaye Van Weerdenburg 7.00

Ryan Huynh 7.21

Hugh Wignell 7.34

Kieran Shepherd 7.57

Yvonne Carter 8.02

Thach Huynh 8.02

Emily Huynh 10.09

Bruce Dickinson 10.20

Alexis Carver 11.03

Jordan Carter 11.37

Hallie Wignell 11.38

Steve Corcoran 12.05

Emily Dickinson 14.03

Emersyn Carver 14.07

Taryn Carver 14.07

Alva Van Der Meulen 14.15

Emma Carter 15.15

David McCann 15.25

Christian Carter 15.47

Kaylee Denys 15.49

Jennifer Carter 15.50

Erin Domeny 18.39

Zavier Huynh 18.44

Richard Fisher 18.45

Kim Huynh 18.46

Margaret Dickinson 18.47

James Dickinson 18.53

Elani Van Der Meulen 19.08

Dylan Van Der Meulen 19.09

Lachlan Cole 19.35

Alice Cole 19.35

Thiet Huynh 20.49

Robyn Domeny 23.25

Willow Cole 23.31

Brenton Cole 23.32

3.5 Kilometres

Jacob Shepherd 14.59

Angus Murphy 15.37

Vaughn Gilligan 18.27

Tim Devane 18.41

Emma Corcoran 18.47

Kylie Young 19.17

Justin Murphy 20.35

Julianne Domeny 20.37

Ren Lefevre 20.55

Mirella Granata 20.55

Judy Kennedy 21.29

Judy Jensen 21.55

Melissa Van Weerdenburg 22.10

Annie Johnsen 22.47

Lyn Rummery 23.08

Sophia Carver 23.56

Scott Carver 23.56

Kathryn Jeffery 30.10

5 Kilometres

Matt Edenborough 19.36

Andrew Oberg 20.03

Matt Lambert 21.42

Harrison Gilligan 22.23

Jo Flood 22.58

Garran Carnall 23.03

Alan Andrews 23.21

Andrew McPherson 23.30

Louise Cox 23.32

Dave Connaughton 24.25

Deb McCartney 25.16

Jason Domeny 25.42

Deb Connaughton 28.11

Yma Carnall 32.51

Mike Kennedy 39.09

68 starters

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