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2019: bringing change while the sun shines

The Beagle Editor, 2019 will bring a greater opportunity to make electricity while the sun shines 2018 was big for solar: - 21.6% of Australian homes now have solar PV, the highest rate for residential rooftop PV in the world (not surprising - we have more sun!) - 2018 is set to be a record year for solar installation, with over 2.9GW of new capacity installed to end of Q3, the total rooftop count exceeding 2 million and the overall total capacity in Australia surpassing the 10GW milestone in September.

- Residential solar installation rate is approaching 50% penetration of residential rooftop solar in some parts of Australia (but not round here!) - Distributed solar saved the equivalent of 7.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from being produced by Australia’s electricity sector in just one year - Australia has the rooftop potential to increase residential solar capacity to a staggering 43GW–61GW—well above the approximate 6GW that’s currently installed. (Hey, that's your place) - Electricity generated from distributed PV grew 33% year on year - Residential PV accounts for 61% of installed PV capacity in Australia, the rest is on commercial roofs and large scale - 80 large-scale solar projects are being built in 2018 which will deliver over $20 billion of investment and 13,000 direct jobs. - 2018 is set to be a record year for total solar installs with 3.3 GW installed in the last 12 months. (facts courtesy of And 2019 will be even bigger! Are you missing out? Terry McGee